Release Date: 2015-09-18
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OVIRI – Instrumental Epic Music

part 1

Composed, played and recorded by Igor Stanislas. sacem 2015
Mastering by Pete Maher

« Oviri (Tahitian: Savage or wild) is a ceramic sculpture by the French artist Paul Gauguin, of which he made three castings in 1894 in partially glazed stoneware. The theme of the work is death. Oviri is the Tahitian goddess of mourning « Oviri-moe-aihere » (The savage who sleeps in the forest »
A propos de Oviri:
Oviri est une sculpture en grès de Paul Gauguin réalisée en 1894. Elle représente la déesse Oviri, une divinité tahitienne dont le nom signifie « sauvage ».
released September 18, 2015

music by Igor Stanislas
composed, produced recorded, mixed by Igor Stanislas
Mastering Pete Maher.2015